Patient safety

The Medical Imaging Program is committed to providing a safe environment for our patients. A variety of patient education materials have been made available to inform patients about the risks and benefits associated with various procedures. Information is also provided on patient appointment letters and pamphlets.

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Radiation safety

All technologists, students, radiologists, residents and nuclear medicine physicians who work with radiation-emitting equipment or radiopharmaceuticals in the Medical Imaging Program at Eastern Health are committed to ensuring that patients, employees and the public are protected from ionizing radiation and electromagnetism to the extent possible without compromising image quality. Radiation safety posters are located throughout all medical imaging departments. Additional information on radiation safety can be found at the Canadian Association of Radiologists.

For more information on radiation safety, please refer to the Choosing Wisely Canada website.

Additional safety measures

  • Out team is continually working to ensure that precautions are taken to minimize the amount of radiation used to complete required examinations.
  • To ensure that radiation exposure to patients due to repeat images is within the acceptable standard, repeat rates are monitored monthly.
  • Radiation safety policies are in place to ensure appropriate radiation protection practices are applied by all technologists.
  • A Regional Medical Imaging Quality Safety Committee meets quarterly to discuss and review quality safety issues and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Preventative maintenance is regularly performed as required on all imaging equipment to ensure optimal image quality and patient safety.
  • Imaging equipment is surveyed and registered with the Radiation Division of the Department of Labour at required intervals.
  • Quality control is performed and documented as required to monitor equipment performance.

Patient safety precautions

To help us provide safe patient care, we ask all patients to inform staff if:

  • you have any allergies;
  • there is a possibility of pregnancy; or
  • you have any implants.

Falls prevention

To further ensure a safe environment for patients, visitors and residents, staff are required to report any possible tripping hazards, cluttered corridors or broken equipment. Please let us know if:

  • You have fallen in the past.
  • You feel dizzy or weak during your procedure.
  • You need assistance walking or getting up on the imaging table.
  • You are fasting.
  • You feel weak or shaky when you walk.
  • You use a cane or walker.
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Last updated: 2021-09-08