For health-care professionals

Our goal at Eastern Health is to ensure the optimal procedure is completed in the most optimal way so that our patients can benefit fully from medical imaging and from the skills and expertise of radiologists. In keeping with our mission to promote safe, efficient and quality health care for Canadians, we are guided by the Canadian Association of Radiologists practice guidelines. The Canadian Association of Radiologists works closely with recognized experts and other professional bodies to develop these national standards and guidelines.

The Canadian Association of Radiologists Referral guidelines are intended for referring physicians and other health-care professionals and are aimed at assisting them in making decisions about appropriate medical imaging for their patients. The referral guidelines are not intended as a means of restricting the physician’s role in the process of decision making in regard to requested imaging studies. Although the guidelines are intended as a guide for referring physicians, we also encourage referring physicians to discuss with their radiologist colleagues if they are unsure about the appropriate imaging of their patients.

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Last updated: 2021-08-13